Co-owners, Karen and Bill James Abra and Linda Mackay opened the doors to The Space Within in 2013. Our goal at The Space Within is to provide you with a breadth of complimentary health related therapies and treatments, as well as a diverse scope of personal development opportunities to support your health, healing and wholeness. Our practitioners are all fully qualified and registered in their areas of expertise.

As a private practice that offers mental health and wellness services, we are committed to listening, learning and growing so all of those associated with The Space Within reflect, include and serve the needs of a diverse community, inclusive of all people of all ethnicities, all cultures and all sexual orientations and genders. We are aware of how the mental and medical health care fields have been informed and influenced by the white oppressive lens. We regret the abuse and harm this has caused. We continue to seek training and personal and professional development in this area.

We welcome and invite Indigenous, Black, People of Colour and the 2SLGBTQ+ communities who work in healing practices, to consider practicing in our space or as an affiliate. We support those trained in complimentary and traditional healing practices.

For the complete statement of our commitment to Equity Diversity and Inclusion, please click HERE.